The Different Types of Aquariums & Fish Tanks

The Different Types of Aquariums & Fish Tanks

Aquariums & Fish Tanks are designed for either live aquatic organisms (anaerobes) or semi-organisms ( cyanmbacteria). An aquarium is generally a tank of some size with at least one flat side where fish, semi-organisms, amphibians, or plants are kept. Most aquariums are self contained meaning that the water temperature remains constant and oxygen levels remain normal. Fish keepers use aquariums to house various species of fish, invertebrates, and amphibians.

Aquariums provide an ideal home for various tropical fish species including saltwater species like tuna, catfish, snapper, roosterfish, rainbow fish, etc. Many species can be maintained under captivity making them an ideal investment. Live rocks are often used to create the artificial habitat for aquatic animals. The most important aspect of aquariums & fish tanks is how they are designed, maintained, stocked, and sold. This article discusses the basics of aquariums.

Aquariums are made up of porous surfaces and the substrates are filled with water, air, food supplies, bio filters, electrical devices, chemical sources and the like. An aquarium is usually divided into two types: open air aquariums and closed systems. Aquariums with closed systems are usually self sustaining but require constant cleaning, pumping, temperature checking, and water changing.

Closed aquarium systems should not be less than 18 inches deep and should have a minimum of a gallon of water inside. Water circulation is very important in aquariums thiet ke ho ca canh. The fish should be provided with all the basic needs including food and oxygen. The aquarium filters should be checked on a regular basis to ensure proper functioning.

Aquariums usually have a filter that can be mechanical or biological. mechanical filters include powerheads, pumps, filters, mechanical filtration, sand beds, or activated carbon. Most aquariums are powered by electricity, gas, or coal and they can either be saltwater aquariums or freshwater fish tanks.

Aquariums and fish tanks should be treated as a long term investment. The cost of an aquarium will depend on the size, shape, material, design, style, and whether it is indoors or out. For this reason, aquariums & fish tanks should be designed wisely.

Aquariums can be made of many materials. Wood, plastic, fiberglass, glass, stone, and corals are common materials. There are even some materials that are classified as neither fish tanks nor aquariums. These include pressure treated lumber, metal enclosures and thermoplastic, composite, and other materials.

There are many manufacturers of aquariums and fish tanks. Some popular manufacturers include Cichlids Inc., Rainbird Aquariums, Tetra Aqua, Oceanic Systems, Oceanic Reefs, Pools and Tops, Black Pearl, Eheim, Nautilus, Nature’s Miracle, etc. Each manufacturer has its own products and each has different features. Most manufacturers use a similar construction approach, which involves formulating a unique aquarium design, developing a set of aquarium maintenance program, and then assembling the aquarium. After the aquarium has been assembled, it is usually up and running.

If you are in the market for an aquarium, you will find it easy to choose from an array of options. Whatever type of fish tank you need or whatever you would like to put into the aquarium, you are sure to find one to suit your needs. It doesn’t matter if you want an aquarium that contains fish or if you prefer to have live rocks, coral, or other aquatic life living in your aquarium. There is sure to be an aquarium that is just right for you.

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