Major All 5 Good reasons to obtain some sort of New Build Property

Major All 5 Good reasons to obtain some sort of New Build Property

It’s a common industry undeniable fact that those that buy a new build, tend to stick with new builds, but why do some individuals only buy a property that’s just been built, especially when you’re likely to possess to cover reasonably limited!

However, with gas, electricity and water bills getting higher and higher and the pressure to be much more’sustainable ‘, more people are turning to new builds instead of purchasing a second hand home.

1. It’s nice to think this really is YOUR home and YOURS only!

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a house that no-one else has ever experienced? Make your own mark? Be the first to ever utilize the kitchen and bathroom? For some people, the sole home they could buy is one that has never before been used.

2. Sustainability

New homes need to be created to certain standards which reach strict government guidelines to ensure that they’re energy efficient.¬†Santa Rosalia Property¬†Including well insulated walls and floors; double glazing; energy efficient heating; draught proofing and energy efficient appliances and light bulbs. As a result, new homes are better for the environment.

3. Lower utility and maintenance bills

It’s estimated that new homes are six and half more times efficient than second hand homes, potentially saving you countless pounds on your running costs every year. Annual maintenance on new appliances, such as boilers and painting costs etc ought to be lower too, depending on how well the property has been built.

4. Short chains and part exchange

The typical amount of homes in a chain to buy and sell is seven. Buying a new build can cut that chain down dramatically, reducing the strain of moving. It can also be possible to buy a fresh build and sell your own property at the same time frame using a part exchange scheme where you get the brand new build and the developer buys your property and sells it on.

5. Fit it out to your own spec

If you get off plan, it’s possible to ensure that a few of the property is made in ways you want it to be. For example, you might be investing in a five bed house, but only want four and among the rooms bigger. You could prefer a better spec kitchen or bathroom.

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