Fuerteventura Canary Islands Port Guide

Fuerteventura is an area located within the Canary Islands archipelago, which will be an autonomous region of Spain. One of Fuerteventura’s biggest claims to fame is having 150 km of beaches (93 miles). Another claim to fame is that the entire island is just a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Those a few things alone inspire many people to visit Fuerteventura, and whenever you combine that with delicious cuisine, vibrant culture, and fascinating landscapes, it’s no surprise a Mediterranean cruise to Fuerteventura is at the very top of numerous traveler’s wish list. We could assist you to easily get there and see a number of the island’s top sites within a Fuerteventura cruise Visit for travsel info about Fuerteventura.

Explore the Protected National Park Dunes of Corralejo

Among the things that makes the terrain of the Canary Islands so intriguing would be the desert landscapes you can find laid out in stark contrast to the rich turquoise hue of the ocean, and one of the finest places to see that in the entire archipelago is on Fuerteventura at Corralejo Natural Park. This protected area of land consists of a field of sand dunes that stretch beautifully against the blue sky while they slope gently toward the rippling ocean waves. Corralejo Natural Park is easy to get at from the port of Rosario and is located about 15 miles from it making it an ideal place to visit within a Fuerteventura cruise.

Relax on One of Fuerteventura’s White Sand Beaches

El Cotillo Beach is just a peaceful beach situated in walking distance from El Cotillo, a small fishing village over the northwest coast of the island. Among the draws of El Cotillo Beach would be the lagoons located within it that creates some small beaches made a lot more picturesque due to their white sand.

Art and Architecture in La Alcogida

Visiting La Alcogida is a method to understand the artisan life and architecture of the island. It is what’s considered a full time income museum as the exhibits you’ll see are actual artisans focusing on their craft and with whom you are able to interact with throughout your time at the museum. In addition, the museum is established in seven separate houses, each that showcase a different architecture type of Fuerteventura. La Alcogida is located near the city of Tefir on the north central end of Fuerteventura.

Learn About Colonial Life in La Oliva

La Oliva is just a centrally located town on the north end of the island that can provide you with a glimpse into life in the 18 th century on Fuerteventura since is the location of Casa de los Coronels (or the Colonel’s House), which today houses a skill gallery you are able to tour, and a great many other colonial buildings lining its streets. Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria can be a well-known thing to see in La Oliva due to the church’s simple, yet striking design, mostly because of its tower made from volcanic stone Visit for more information about Fuerteventura boat and cruise tours..

Have a Walk to Morro del Jable Lighthouse

Many cruisers love anything to do with the ocean, so a highlight of a cruise to Fuerteventura for many is getting to see the island’s most famous lighthouse, the still active Morro del Jable Lighthouse. It gleaming white structure is still being used to guide ships around the coast of Fuerteventura. You can see the lighthouse while visiting the resort town of Morro Jable. To access the lighthouse you walk across a picturesque wooden bridge, increasing its charm.

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