5 Best Water Sports Activities in Vancouver Island

5 Best Water Sports Activities in Vancouver Island



Vancouver offers a selection of water sports for most physical fitness levels. Placed about the shores of Burrard Inlet confronting English Bay and also the Georgia Strait, Vancouver is house to a wide variety of water sports to take you to pick and nature up several workouts with scenic views. Wanting to place you out there and learn probably the most beautiful bodies of h20 in Vancouver? Look at these eight water sports that are cool in Vancouver!  Now let’s check top 5 water sports in Vancouver island.

1.    Windsurfing and Kiteboarding

Catered to all physical fitness levels, windsurfing and also kiteboarding are inexpensive watersports that you are able to try in Vancouver. Wind and water are the important elements for an enjoyable session and Vancouver presents probably the best conditions to capture the blowing wind as well as support the waves.

2.    Swimming

Blessed with an extensive chain of sandy shorelines soaked in mesmerizing perspectives, Vancouver is realized by National Geographic as among the most effective beach destinations worldwide. Swimming appears to be the most widely used water sports activity in Vancouver. Either if it’s a sunny beach fronting the glimmering Pacific Ocean or a covered swimming pool indoor, Vancouver always has something for everyone.

3.    Kayaking

Wishing to examine the shores and dynamics of Vancouver while getting several workouts at exactly the same time? Go kayaking! This fun water feature brings you nearer to the very best views of Vancouver from a new perspective.

There is a mecca of kayaking areas in and also around Vancouver to work the cores of yours though the very first place popping into your mind needs to be False Creek. Kayaking in False Creek enables you to get on the water inside the downtown center without going further afield.

4.    Paddleboarding

Vancouver has become such a huge deal for standup paddleboarders global because of its extending coastline dotted with stunning scenery and calm water. It’s obvious that Deep Cove generally ranks first on the summary of greatest SUP spots in Vancouver.

5.    Snorkeling and Scuba Diving


Are you prepared to explore Vancouver from an entirely brand new angle? This rewarding water sport encourages you to examine the seabed of Vancouver and also participate in the harbor seals which make the city rather hype.

Cates Park as well as Whytecliff Park is several of the top calls when it comes to diving near Vancouver. Cates Park is the biggest seaside park in North Vancouver as well as you are much probable to notice a number of white rock crabs as well as Dungeness crabs when heading for a plunge here.

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